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5 Powerful Ways to Raise Your Vibration

The fundamental rule of working with energy is ike attracts like.

Positive energy attracts positive circumstances. If you're struck in low energy patterns, you’ll find yourself struggling with overthinking, fatigue, hopelessness, and a lack of ambition to meet your goals.

Raising your vibration is 100% necessary to live the life you want and become a magnet for new opportunities.

Here are five excellent ways to raise your vibrations and elevate your spirit.

Raise Your Vibration with Music

Listen to high energy music that sends out positive vibes.

Keep it fun!

The Lizo channel on Alexa is definitely my jam right now because she’s all about empowerment, success, and not caring what others think. I also like the EDM bangers channel and 90s pop. To raise your vibration, the music must put you in a good mood.

If you’re listening to songs about breaking up [unless it is empowering], heartache, poor me, or death--you are going to attract circumstances that match the vibrations of these songs.

Music should always match the energy and feelings you want to create. If you’re singing all your energy into a sad, depressing song, then I hope you’re ready for a rough day.

A fun tip: imagine you’re on stage as the singer with all your fans. Excellent visualization exercise and it puts you in an empowering situation.

EGO/Fear exercise: while listening to music in the car, keep the same energy of singing in your car with others passing by or seeing you at a stop light as you have at home when you’re alone. We tend to hold back our greatness out of fear of judgement.

How do I know if my energy is raised by the song? Goosebumps are an excellent sign. Also, if time just sped by, but you didn’t realize it because you were so engaged in the music then your energy was in alignment with universal source.

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Anyone who knows me will tell you I love to dance. My favorite type of dance is shuffling which is energetic, fun, improves balance and mind-body alignment. I discovered shuffling while learning how to moonwalk and it has changed my life.

If I feel low energy emotions, such as fear, jealousy, depression, or anger, it just takes the EDM [electronic dance music] channel and a good shuffling session to improve my mood which in turn improves my energetic vibrations.

Shuffling is a form of meditation for me and it’s my favorite meditation. Unless I’m actively trying to learn a new dance move, most dance steps are a part of muscle memory and my body just knows what to do without thinking about it.

Unlike focusing on inhalation and exhalation with silent meditation, the focus is mindfully on the beat and my feet just follow the beat.

Fun tip: Incorporate high energy music with a positive message while also singing while dancing. High vibrations all around!

EGO exercise: do not tell yourself you’re not a good dancer. If you commit yourself to learning how to do something, then you can do it. Three years ago, I didn’t even know shuffling was a thing. Watch different styles of dancing on YouTube and pick the one you think would be fun. Of course you’ll be terrible for a while, but you will thank yourself in a year and will be able to amaze yourself with your awesome new dancing skills. You can do this and do not let your ego tell you otherwise.

How will you know if you picked the right kind of dance to learn? It’s based on how excited you are to learn it and practice it. On a scale of 0-10, rate how awesome it is each time you learn a new dance move. Are you determined to learn certain dance moves even if it takes you a week or longer? Do you visualize the steps while you’re resting? If you answered yes and you give learning new moves a rating above a 7, I’d say you’re on the right track.

Self Hypnosis

I’m sure this is where you are expecting the meditation speech. I do meditate daily because I fully understand the benefits, but I am a full time nurse practitioner in a busy household with two school aged children. I don’t always have time to sit undistracted for 20, 30, or 60 minutes per day (some people even suggest longer). Sometimes, I only get 5 minutes twice per day for meditation. Even my cat sits outside the closed door meowing and scratching at the door until I open it.

Each night, I go to YouTube and find a hypnosis by Michael Sealy (no affiliation).

As of yet, I haven not been convinced through the witchy ways of hypnosis that I’m James Bond or a chicken (sorry if that disappoints you). However, I have reached incredible levels of relaxation through hypnosis and although I do most of my hypnosis in the evening, I’ll do it during the day if stress levels are high.

Hypnosis, like a good meditation session, is a breath of fresh air that allows tension to melt away and leaves you in a higher vibrational state. I’ve gone so deep into hypnosis that I’ve felt like my body was melting into my mattress and my entire body vibrates to the point that the bed feels like it’s shaking.

Hypnosis Tip: Make sure you’re comfortable. Do not wear clothing that is too tight and be sure your skin is moisturized. Wear chapstick for deep breathing to keep your lips from getting dry and uncomfortable.

Michael Sealey : Again, not an affiliate, just a fan.

Declutter and Clean Your Home

Have you ever noticed when your home is messy and full of clutter, you tend to be in a bad mood and have a lot of fatigue. Your home even feels darker although you haven’t done anything different with the decor.

By minimizing clutter and thoroughly cleaning your home, you’ll notice the room feels bigger and brighter as less shadows bounce off junk. In return, your mood elevates, your energy rises, and you find yourself in a higher vibrational state.

Cleaning your home can be a mindfulness activity as you express gratitude for each item you touch and stay fully present as you spray and scrub surfaces, watch bubbles go down drains, or while folding each clothing item.

Get your senses fully involved by choosing scents to clean with that you find pleasant. If you see cleaning as an opportunity for mindfulness and a cure for your low energetic vibration, then you can overcome seeing this process as a dreaded chore.

Tip: Pick one weekend to clean mindfully by setting the intention of raising your vibration. One weekend should give you enough time to avoid rushing and be fully present while cleaning. The goal is to show appreciation not only to your material objects, but for the task and for the effort you are putting into the task.

Ego: Look at your sparkly clean home. Just sit back and let your ego enjoy your awesomeness.

Create a Gratitude List

If you want to raise yourself to a higher vibration, an attitude of gratitude is the most natural way to attract more desired experiences into your life.

A gratitude list can be written or mentally noted. It can be a list of three things or a list of 50 things. At the beginning of each morning, think of all the things in your life that make you feel grateful. It does not have to be elaborate, just a simple list is fine.

Here is an example of a simple gratitude list to raise your vibrations:

  1. Fresh air.

  2. Clean water.

  3. Heat in the winter or air conditioning in the summer.

  4. Car so I can get to work and run errands.

  5. Sunlight.

  6. Warm bubble bath to relax before bedtime.

  7. Coffee with peppermint mocha coffee creamer.

  8. “Cotton candy skies” [this is what I call the sky when the sun is starting to set and has that mix of pink, blue, and orangish colors]

  9. Looking at the stars on a clear night.

  10. Cuddling with my kids in the evening [okay, cuddling with my 7 year 12 year old thinks he’s too old for cuddles, but I’m grateful for every hug I can steal].

Tip: If you’re a parent, make this an evening habit to do with your child at bedtime. You think of 5 things and each of your children think of 5 things. If the entire household is focusing on gratitude, think of the blessings that will come to your family.

EGO exercise: Post your gratitude list on your social media for everyone to see. Don’t be shy! Get your followers to post their grateful list.

What are you grateful for? This is a list of five things, but there are so many ways to raise your vibration. How do you raise your vibrations? Do you do activities not listed here? Thank you and have an amazing life!

Namaste friends.

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