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5 Reasons the Law of Attraction is Not Working for You

Are You Using the Law of Attraction Wrong?

The law of attraction is always working and you’re in the driver’s seat, but sometimes it’s like getting in the driver’s seat with a clutch when you’ve only driven automatic. You are not going to get far if you don’t know how to practice law of attraction.

Simply put, the law of attraction means your thoughts create your reality, so negative thoughts attract more negative experiences and positive thoughts attract more positive experiences. So, is the law of attraction real? Absolutely.

If you feel like the universe is ignoring you, here are five ways you could be stopping benefits from the law of attraction in your life.

1. Engaging in Gossip or Complaints

Whether it’s at work, hanging out with friends, at church, at home, or anywhere you’re around someone with ears and a mouth--you’re likely to hear some gossip or a laundry list of complaints from someone at some point during the day.

Once someone starts complaining about an issue--it immediately puts their problem on you or vice versa. So now, you’re angry about an issue that wasn’t even a concern 15 minutes before the conversation took place.

Don’t allow yourself to fall into this negativity trap. Always speak highly of other people when they’re not around and do your best to find the positive in a seemingly bad situation (aka: a learning experience).

2. Not Monitoring your Media

As a person with a journalism degree, believe me when I say that the media loves a juicy story. If the media can choose between a double homicide or the dog who saved their owner from a fire--the murder will always win. Why? Because a story with shock value will get a bigger audience.

This also goes for issues of conflict where there will be opposing views by different parties, such as in politics. The media is not objectively reporting stories as they claim to be, but instead they are framing a story with strategic use of words and sources to elicit a response from their audience.

Again, a stronger audience response equals more shares and more views. Cha-ching for the media outlet, but bad for your thoughts, your time, and your energy. That's all bad when using the law of attraction.

This goes beyond news outlets. Take a look at TV and movie programs, such as Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. Suggestions are based on your views, so if you’re consistently watching drama, murder/crime documentaries, and horror--then you’re mostly watching media that elicits a negative emotion (anger, shock, fear, and frustration).

Do yourself a favor--watch some comedies.

3. Stop Searching for Ways to be Offended

Sometimes it seems like our phones are listening to our conversations. Thanks to cookies, our smartphones are indeed tracking our activities and giving us more of the content we search for and watch.

Keep your searches positive and don’t catch yourself reading, watching, or reacting to content that stirs up negative emotions. If you see a video on a topic that clearly has opposing sides [religion, politics, parenting, vaccines, etc]--don’t watch the video and definitely stay out of the comments section.

If you weren’t offended by a particular article, video, or post, then I promise you will find something to be offended by in the comments section. The absolute worst thing you can do is interact because at that point you’ve become angry, emotionally involved, and the law attraction is going to bring you more things to be offended and angry about.

On top of that, your smartphone or movie services will help make it an easy process.

4. Trying to Fix What’s Missing instead of Showing Gratitude

We all have a tendency to feel sorry for ourselves from time-to-time, but if you get stuck in this mindset, you’ll keep attracting more ways to be a victim of circumstances.

This mentality looks at what’s missing in your current circumstances and declares “I’ll be happy when I have [a better car, more money, a bigger house, a better relationship, a new job]”. Unfortunately, the focus on what’s missing causes the law of attraction to provide more of what’s missing in your life.

The job, the money, the relationship--they’ll always be in the future and not in the now because you continuously affirm they’re missing.

By focusing on what you currently have and showing love and appreciation to the universe for providing you with what you currently have, you will attract more of what you want.

Say THANK YOU every day for the life you are currently living.

5. Doubting the Process of How the Law of Attraction Works

Once you have visualized your desires and placed your order to the universe, you have to know with 100 percent faith that the universe is working to align your thoughts with your desired outcome.

If you have doubt in the process, your circumstances will not change and the universe will give you more circumstances to bring more doubt. Luckily, you have the ability to turn negative and doubtful thoughts around by focusing on what makes you feel grateful.

It’s okay to have desires, but you must know that what you want already exists in the universal mind--it just hasn’t manifested yet. Be patient. Be thankful. And let the law of attraction change your life.

Don't be the person who says "this doesn't work" right before your dreams are about to come true.

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