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How to Use the Law of Attraction: A Personal Story

After years of studying the law of attraction and seeking the best spiritual path for my own growth, I found myself having questions of doubt. What if?

What if is a statement that either pauses or enhances your personal growth, depending on how you pursue the answer. My what if was surrounded in doubt. What if our thoughts don’t really have the power to change anything? What if we have zero connection to the universe, our thoughts are not energy, and there is no higher power? What if my metaphysical journey has been a walk in the dark leading nowhere?

How can I teach others when I'm filled with doubts?

Give Me a Sign

While in this growth funk and in an act of desperation I reached out to the universe and mentally said, If anyone can hear me and I am on the correct path, please give me a sign by showing me a…. I paused. The first image to appear in my mind was a caterpillar.

I couldn’t remember the last time I saw a caterpillar, so clearly I would never see a caterpillar as a sign.

Next, I thought of a hummingbird (notice, I THOUGHT, not I said). However, I hadn’t put up the hummingbird feeders in months, so it was impossible that I would see a hummingbird.

Next, I thought of a monarch butterfly. It is the perfect time of year for monarch butterflies, so I finished my sentence aloud: Please give me a sign by showing me a monarch butterfly. I also asked that when I saw my sign I would 100% know the sign was meant for me.

Yes, you can see I have some control issues. Although I was asking for a sign, I wanted it to be a sign I COULD CONTROL.

How Manifesting Works

Luckily, someone was listening and made it very clear that my thoughts INDEED are capable of manifesting.

The same day, I was sitting outside watching my kids play when I looked down. I couldn’t believe it! There, right next to my foot, was a caterpillar moving slowly across the driveway. I picked up the caterpillar and moved it to a safe location.

I told my husband about what happened and that the caterpillar was my first thought. I still was not 100% convinced. Clearly a coincidence.

About an hour later, a hummingbird flew past my head and stopped at my front window where it flew stationary at the window for about 15 seconds before flying to a tree.

Whoa! That does not happen.

After seeing the hummingbird, I ran into the house and excitedly told my husband about the hummingbird being my second thought. We were both amazed. Being stubborn, I was 95% convinced that I was getting the answer to my question.

Then it happened. About four hours later, I was sitting outside with my husband when a monarch butterfly flew directly in front of us. I had seen a lot of butterflies over the summer, but this was the first monarch I had seen in my yard this year.

Thoughts Are Powerful

Although these were small manifestations, this was a surreal experience for me and I almost felt like I was participating in a science experiment on how thoughts can change your reality.

Not only did I see the three symbols I requested (without even purposely requesting the first two), but I saw them in the exact order that the thoughts came to my mind. In addition, these experiences show how careful you must be with your thoughts. I thought of the caterpillar and the hummingbird before deciding on the monarch butterfly as my confirmation symbol.

Your thoughts have the power to change your physical environment and the universe is listening and interacting. If you feel lost on your personal journey, just remember, you are surrounded by a loving universe that is always there for you when needed.

Take this as a lesson to monitor your thoughts because what you send out, you will receive. The universe picks up on thoughts--all thoughts--not just your desirable thoughts.

Hopefully you enjoyed this little story. Have you ever had an experience where the universe aligned to provide you clear feedback messages? Please comment below.

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