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Easy Breathwork Training for Powerful Control of Thoughts

How Do I Know if My Thoughts Are Out of Control? Well, let's take a step into my mind today. Shall we.

That’s a lot of noodles.

Kitty, kitty, kitty. Just be friends.

We don’t talk about Bruno-no-no-no….IT WAS OUR WEDDING DAY!

I really love teaching mediation and sharing tips and techniques. Fo sho.

Cow. Mooooo. [my coffee mug has a cow on it.]

That’s cool.

Those are random thoughts I’ve had to stop while meditating. [seriously brain, seriously?]

Come on brain. Seriously? Seriously? [wait….what?]

This is your mind (well, my mind). This is your mind just being…well, a monkey mind. Any questions?

As you can see, even as someone who meditates on a regular basis, I still have the struggle of mental chatter nonsense. This Game helps quiet the mind while focusing on the breathing. I play this game everyday and it has truly helped me raise my vibrations and change my life.

The directions are super easy, but the game is challenging. But, I like a good challenge [welcome back chatter-brain]. It’s time to play…

The Setting:

Anywhere, anytime, while doing anything. Your eyes do not have to be closed, so the sky's the limit. You can play while driving, walking, showering, pooping [seriously brain?], or just sitting at your desk. My favorite time to play is on my drive to the office, which is about a 25 minute drive.


This game teaches you that you are not your mind. Therefore, there are two players: you and your mind.

How to Play:

Take a full deep breath in through your nose allowing the breath to fill your abdomen. Now slowly and fully exhale the air from your mouth.

At the end of the exhale, mentally count to one.

Take another full deep breath in through your nose allowing the breath to fill your abdomen. Again, slowly exhale through your mouth. At the end of the exhale, mentally count to two.

Repeat these steps counting each breath at the end of the exhalation cycle.

If your mind distracts you from the inhale, exhale, and count cycle then you start over and return the count to one.

If you successfully stop a thought within a second and redirect back to your breathing, you do not have to restart the count. However, if the thought that pops in your mind doesn’t get stopped immediately [within one second], then you must restart.

Object of the Game:

The object of the game is to continuously beat your own high score while also discovering you are separate from the mind. You sit in the seat of consciousness, not your mind. You have the power to control your thoughts and this game helps put you back in the driver’s seat.

The Winner:

The winner is always you. Even if your mind is acting like a complete diva, playing the game and getting to the number 3 before continuously having to restart is better than doing nothing. Add an affirmation before the restart if needed, such as: I am ready to start over and treat myself better.

Why Play?

All it takes is one negative thought to downward spiral into multiple negative thoughts, but this game allows you to take control and redirect your mind. If you practice the law of attraction, you do not want your mind running the show since a chaotic mind gives off low vibrational energy.

This is a game that benefits your overall wellbeing. By simply playing, you can: reduce anxiety and stress, lower blood pressure, reduce your heart rate, boost happiness, improve your thoughts, and change your life for the better.

Good luck and let the games begin.

Stay positive and remember to always love the life you live.

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